First of all, let me say congratulations on being named our 2001 Kenny of the Year. You sent your photo in to us kind of late in the year. Were you surprised at how quickly you got put into the contest and ended up winning?

Tim McDuffie: Yes, I was totally blown away and still am. My family couldn't believe that I was in this contest and was the eventual winner. This rates right up there as far as wonderful things that has happened in my life.

MWLLKR: Has anyone actually recognized you from the web site or is it more of a general, "Hey, has anyone told you that you look like Kenny Rogers?" kind of thing?

TM: Yes, a couple of people have said they saw me on the web site but mostly people say "Hey, you know who you look like? That Country Western singer, Kenny Rogers" That is fine with me as I am a big fan of Country Western Music and I watch CMT a lot.

MWLLKR: When was the first time someone ever told you that you looked like Kenny and what was your reaction?

TM: About 10 years ago, someone mentioned it and I was a little taken aback, but now it happens more because my hair has turned whiter. I have fun with it, it's kinda cool being associated with a famous person, and a person that is talented.

MWLLKR: Do you actually try a little to look like Kenny with the way you trim your beard or cut your hair, or is it just something that happened naturally?

TM: I never really tried to look like Kenny, it just sorta happened. What is ironic is that I grew up liking Music as we always had a variety of music on in the house. I've studied some Music, first Piano, then percussion instruments, a little voice, and now I am taking up guitar. One of my favorite songs as a kid was Moonlight Gambler by Frankie Lane.

MWLLKR: Have you ever had to meet someone somewhere that you had not met previously and told them to "look for the guy who looks like Kenny Rogers?"

TM: Only since the contest because I have had a lot of fun with it. I recently met the famous classical guitarist Pepe Romero and we got a picture together. It is a great ice breaker when meeting people for the first time and now I can say, "Just look for the Guy who looks like KR."

MWLLKR: Has anyone ever insisted you were the "real" Kenny Rogers and not believed you when you told them you weren't?

TM: That hasn't happened, yet. But, I am hoping that if I go to Barona Indian Reservation Casino, that they will mistake me for him and give me Carte Blanche to the house! Yeehah! Fantasy huh? Kenny advertises for the Casino on local TV channels and billboards.


MWLLKR: Has it ever worked to your advantage?

TM: Well, if you are meaning that have I scored with the chicks? No, I have a family, a wonderful wife and two great children. But if you mean on a professional level? I keep it light and not take myself too serious.

MWLLKR: How did you come across this web site and what did you think when you saw it?

TM: A neighbor of mine was the first one that made reference to the web site and swore that I was on it. He couldn't remember all of the letters of the page, so I emailed the fan club @ They steered me in the right direction and since the real Kenny gave your site the O.K. or nod, I contacted you as I wouldn't want to make KR mad or upset at anything. There is the saying, "Plagiarism is the best form of Flattery." I liked the site a lot!

MWLLKR: Have you ever sang karaoke and sang "The Gambler?"

TM: I haven't sung the Gambler in a karaoke bar yet, although I'm sure the time will come. People I work with at sometimes kid me by singing a few verses of the song. I don't mind at all as KR has made the song and the movie a classic.

MWLLKR: Are you a fan of the real Kenny Rogers and have you ever met him?

TM: I am a fan of Kenny's. I even emailed the famous psychic Uri Geller and told him I was in this look alike contest and Uri said that he and Kenny were friends and that Kenny had a big interest in the power of the mind and the Spiritual side of Life. That really grabbed me because it completes the whole process of what we do in this existence. Success is measured in so many different ways, but I think completion is the realization of ones own being and how it resonates with the universe. Harmony, as above so below! I've never met Kenny, although I would love to someday and ask him many questions. That would be a real treat. Perhaps a Musical and Metaphysical dialogue, Wow!

MWLLKR: I just want to thank you for being such a good sport with the site and for sending us your picture in the first place. Is there anything you’d like to add or say to our viewers?

TM: Yes, I would like to say that the whole concept behind this MWLLKR is a very creative endeavor and shows a talent that you have as an individual (ed.note – "thanks!"). I would like to collaborate perhaps in the future on some things as this has made a very positive mark on me. A few things we could all do together is pray more, visualize peace, and give the children of the world hope of a better place to live. Sincerely, Tim (Moonlight Beach Kenny)